Yaghali du?

The tribe recently hosted a celebration of the opening of the Net at our tribal fishery, officially welcoming the 2015 fishing season and summer months to come. We were fortunate to enjoy sunny skies and mild temperatures and received an incredible show of support from tribal members, families and friends. More than 265 people signed our guestbook!

The evening included a potluck dinner, conversations around the fire and traditional song and dance, including performances by Heartbeat of Mother Earth, the Jabila’ina Dancers, Del Dumi Drummers and the Sleeping Lady Drummers of Anchorage.

The Net is important to the tribe for many reasons. It feeds our families. It is a gathering place where we come together to share stories and catch up with old friends. It is a symbol of the resiliency of our people. The Net will continue to help us preserve our culture, identity and traditions as we work to fulfill the tribe’s Mission: To assure Kahtnuht’ana Dena’ina thrive forever.

Chiqinik – thank you – to those who attended the celebration of the opening of the Net, and a prosperous season to everyone who plans to fish the Net this summer.

I hope you have had a safe and healthy spring and are excited for the summer months to come across Yaghanen, the good land. NaqantugheduĊ‚ – the tide is coming back in!


Jaylene Peterson-Nyren

Executive Director